Gourmet Pickles and Chutneys

Sweet Mustard Pickle

260 gms
Green tomatoes, sugar, onion, capsicum, cucumber, vinegar, spices, salt.

Traditionally sweet mustard pickle, chunky ingredients made from local produce.

BRONZE MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Food Show

Tomato Quetta 

260 gms
70% tomatoes, sugar, ginger, garlic, salt, chilli, vinegar, sultanas, corn starch (1422)

Named after the city in Pakistan. Use as a base sauce for pizzas, curries, grilled or barbecue steaks.

GOLD MEDAL - Royal Melbourne Show
GOLD MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Foods Awards

Salsa Jac

300 gms
Onion, apple, sugar, tomato, garlic, spice, vinegar, salt, coriander seed, citric acid (330).

Salsa dip with a combination of spice and chilli.

BRONZE MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Food Show
SILVER MEDAL - Royal Melbourne Show

Ploughman's Corn Relish

260 gms
30% corn kernels, spice, chilli, sugar, onions, vinegar, capsicum, celery, corn starch (1422), salt.

A must for any pantry. Add to sour cream and cream cheese for a sensational dip.

Great with cold meats.

Grandma's Chutney

260 gms
Tomato, sugar, onion, vinegar, spices, salt, garlic, sultanas.

An old time recipe. The rich taste of tomato's blended with fruit and spices is the perfect condiment for rice dishes, and curries.

BRONZE MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Food Show

Onion BBQ Relish

260 gms
80% onions, apples, ginger, salt, vinegar, sugar, sultanas, citric acid (330), chilli, corn starch (1422).

Mustard seeds add an unusual texture to this delightful chutney.

GOLD MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Foods Awards
SILVER MEDAL - Royal Melbourne Show


260 gms
Tomatoes, sugar, chilli, garlic, ginger, vinegar, salt, citric acid (330), spices, corn starch (1422).

Serving suggestions  - curries, rice dishes and cocktail canapes.

Ideal condiment for Indian cuisine.

SILVER MEDAL - Tasmanian Fine Foods Awards